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Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is the simplest and most effective form of energy healing meditation which allows us to put into practice and apply in various aspects of our life. Kundalini Reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities. It promotes and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.Kundalini Reiki uses a synergy of Reiki (universal life energy) and Kundalini (our core or innate potential/creative energy) that lies within all of us. Practice of Kundalini Reiki awakens and heightens our level of consciousness. Kundalini Reiki is not a belief or philosophy and is practiced by people of every culture, religion and background. It is totally safe and natural. No prior knowledge about energy or qualification is required and can be practiced by anyone.

Kundalini Reiki is impart in three levels. You may choose to complete Level 1 and 2 as a set and proceed to complete Level 3 later on.

Kundalini Reiki Level 1 Includes: 

  • Study manual
  • Kundalini reiki music CD
  • An attunement to activate your energy centres
  • Channel energy to perform a complete healing treatment for yourself and for your loved ones and friends
  • Distant healing
  • Chakra/Energy Centres and Channels their functions and how it relates to our body, mind and emotions
  • Clearing blockages at the mental and emotional level
  • Use of energy to clear spaces and objects ie Crystals
  • Kundalini reiki level 1 initiation
  • Certification ceremony

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Kundalini Reiki Level 2 Includes: 

  • Study manual
  • Kundalini reiki music CD
  • An attunement to strengthen and increase the flow of energy
  • Channelise energy in your body to heal physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Exercises to increase energy flow and strengthen your energetic and nervous system
  • Brief History of Master Kuthumi, the Master of Kundalini Reiki
  • Functions of the energy centres (Chakras) and how to unblock and balance blocked Energy Centres
  • Observation on when the energy is deficient or excessive in the chakras
  • Energy work issues (common issues and symptoms)
  • Kundalini Reiki Meditation
  • Kundalini reiki level 2 initiation
  • Certification ceremony

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Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Includes: 

  • Attunement to fully activate and strengthen all the energy centres
  • Learning and practicing more precised Healing techniques
  • Additional attunements
  • Difference between Kundalini Energy Flow and Kundalini Awakening
  • Strengthen the reiki flow with Diamond Reiki
  • Balance the energy flow in your body with Balance Reiki
  • Release the trauma of birth with Birth Trauma Reiki
  • Release karmic bonds and ties between places with Location Reiki
  • Release and heal blockages from past life with Past Life Reiki
  • Strengthen the ability to heal DNA strands, inherited genetics and diseases with DNA Reiki
  • Perform a visualisation scan of the body for deposits with Crystalline Reiki

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